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Eyes and advice from the sky

Eyes and advice from the sky

    What can we do for you

  • Advise on RPAS operations and safety.

  • RPAS operators have to convince CAA-NL that they are qualified to operate their RPAS safely.

  • Airpass is writing all documents necessary for this (eg Pilot Operating Handbook, Operational Manual)
  • Airpass is able to write the Safety Management System handbook for your organisation.
  • We are able to assist you during all the examinations at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)
  • If required we will help you setting up the Safety Mangement System. We can also execute the yearly and quarterly briefings/ (board)meeting and or audits of the Quality Mangement Systems (QMS).
  • Not able to get a Safetymanager (SM)? Airpass is able to provide a SM for your organisation.

  • Get your flight medical here: vlieg medische keuring


Sperwerhof 144
1742 EK Schagen
tel (+31(0)637332495

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