The Strategic Ideas for Partnership and Integrated Seaways Development in Indonesia

Airpass is proud to be part of the project Partnership and Integrated Seaways Development in Indonesia.

The concept of program is refered to:

  • Points bilateral Indonesia and Netherlands of Indonesia President (Jokowi) during courtesy visit in Netherlands (April 2016);
  • Findings of several courtesy visit of team Indonesia Government to Netherlands (2013-2016)
  • Commitment Indonesia Government on SDG 2030 (UN’s agenda/ world’s commitment in addressing poverty and sustainability development);
  • Role of Indonesia in G20 ;
  • Priority needs of local governments in addressing poverty reduction;
  • The component program is emphasized on the development of low cost technology with application of drone and naval;
  • It is not just required hardware development but also capacity building;
  • The program is not make new invention or reinventing the wheel, but it’s significant/ related with existing programme of local government and national government.

When you see the name of Seaways, you may think the programme is only concern on maritime or sea-defense aspects. We emphasized the aim and goal of programme based on the priority issues and needs of Indonesia Government (local governments, national government) and communities (especially those which live in poverty lines/ remotes). These reflected within our preliminary discussion with selected Ministries and local governments during period May – August 2016. Thereby the program is emphasized on integrated development, to improve:

  1. Services delivery of local government toward decentralization (hardware and capacity building in colleague to colleague approach)
  2. Local income (local and central government) and income generations (communities), especially at the tourism zones;
  3. PDAMs in providing better services delivery for community, due to access of water supply is the rights of citizens;
  4. Spatial planning to be integrated in priority  development aspects;
  5. National Defence and Security, especially in the maritime aspects
  6. Support local governments in addressing the issues on flood management, water governance, water waste recycle management, forest fires, environmental health

The program has been communicated to Indonesia Government (selected Ministries, local governments and Indonesia Embassy in Netherlands) and Dutch Government (Ministry Env. and Embassy of Netherlands in Indonesia).

The program is established under umbrella of cooperation Indonesia (Bangun Indonesia Foundation (BIF), University Indonesia (UI)) with Netherlands Airpass (

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