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FrontpageAirpass founders have a lot of experience in aviation

Michael Tefsen is pilot (PPL SEP, RPL SEP MLA and RT LPE)

Board Member of the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association and President of the Powered Aircraft Division

Owner of the Savage Cub en Renegade Biplane


Ingo Kroon is a former Naval officer

Ex Aircontroller and Fightercontroller

Ex Air surveillance Officer and Head of the professional education department Aircontrol

Former member of the Scan Eagle projectgroup within the Royal Netherlands Navy

On the Job Training Instructor (Eurocontrol Luxembourg)

Examiner English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication (Eurocontrol Luxembourg)

Responsible for setting up the requirements for Air Traffic Training Organisation in the Royal Netherlands Navy.


Sperwerhof 144
1742 EK Schagen
tel (+31(0)637332495

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